Click on the image to download pages with verses to look up, and also the piggy bank. You can read posts about these on my blog here.  If you want the image of the poem shown, click here to go to our Love Tot Pack Page.
I created this chart to help my son focus his behavior during the school day.  He shares this form with Daddy when Daddy comes home.  I wanted something easy, simple, that didn't require a lot of writing from me during the day.  But I also wanted it to aim at his heart, rather than just his behavior.  I used the book Creative Correction, which helped me with the Bible verses.  I also was very motivated by reading the book, Parenting is Heart Work.

We used this form to record Pac-Man's Summer Challenge points.  You can see blog posts about our Summer Challenge here!

Click on the image to download a pdf of the form.
Click image above to download PDFs of addition flashcards 0-12
I use the blue rectangles to write simple symbols (for us it is checks and X's) to represent where he needs work and where he has shown a great heart. Click Here to download a PDF of this form.  We no longer use this exact form, but it worked well when he needed it!
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