$$$ Make the Date

Download simple coins to cut out and laminate, or use real coins with velcro dots on the back.  Each day have your older child make the date using coins for daily practice making money.  You can easily vary up what you have your child "make" to work on differing amounts.

Coin Cards Here
What's the weather?

Download simple weather cards to cut out and laminate.  I placed a Velcro dot on the back of each one so Krash can select one for the weather each day and hook it to our flip chart.  He and Pac Man run to the front door each day to check.  Pac Man helps Krash name the weather and then K comes back to me and puts up the card.

Weather Cards/Song Here

Homeschooling presented a unique challenge to calendar time on many different levels.  In a regular school setting, you have children all in the same grade...with homeschool you don't.  In a regular school setting you have more space... with homeschool you don't {usually} ! Currently my sons are 4 and 8, and this is how we have adapted calendar time to work for us in our home.  You will find everything you need here, from videos to printables, to set up something very similar in your home!
We have our entire calendar {the extension} on one foam poster-sized board, which we got at Target for $2.99!  Below are all of the supplies I used to create our calendar board:

  • Calendar- it is kept separately from the foam board. 
This is our laminator and YES we love it!!
Color of the Day

This is a simple way to reinforce color ID with younger children and spelling color words with older kids.  I have my tot choose a color of the day, which we stick with Velcro on the outside of the pocket.  We then spell the color word using the B-I-N-G-O tune!

Color of the Day Here

Today is...

This is a portion of our flip charts, these are 2 that Pac Man fills out daily with a dry erase marker.

Today is... Here
Sing and Learn ~ Months/The Date

These are songs that will help your kids learn the months of the year and the date.

Months/The Date Here
How Many Days in School?
Counting the days you have been in school is a great way to reinforce counting and many other skills.  We color in a number for each day, and hope to celebrate when we get to 100!

Hundreds Chart Here

The only part of my board you might not be able to recreate is the pouch our Bible Verses are in, I snagged that from an alphabet set we had!  In the yellow checkered library pocket are simple index cards with names of people in our family, to use for our name songs {you'll find below}.

All songs, days of the week cards, color word cards, Bible Verse ABC cards, and weather cards are laminated.  The hundreds chart is NOT, so it can be colored in each day.  The Bible Verse of the week is in a sheet protector, so it can easily be changed each week.
Bible Verses

Our Bible verse portion is taken from our Totally Tots In My Heart feature, you can read more about it here.  You can also see our weekly Raising Rocks Stars posts here where the weekly verse is also featured.

Bible Verses Here
Sing & Learn ~ Days of the Week
These are a few songs to help your children learn days of the week.

Days of the Week Songs Here
Sing and Learn ~ Name Songs

These are a few simple name songs that will help your children learn to spell and recognize their names.  Make fun name cards to go with these songs!  We made glue/glitter index cards and I laminated them.

Name Songs Here
Have you blogged about your own homeschool calendar set-up using any of these supplies??

Email Me with your blog post link!
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More Homeschool Calendars in Action...

Mama Jenn {notebook}, {board}
Homeschool Creations {part 1}

The sites listed below have great resources for teaching calendar time to elementary aged children, as well as other concepts, such as colors, shapes and more.  The Internet is full of great early childhood resources, these are just a few that can give you inspiration as you set up your own homeschool calendar time!

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